If you are seeking a healer

Image by Alex Strachan from Pixabay 

The first thing to understand about ‘Healers,’ is that they are human, they may or may not have gone through a series of personal challenges in order to hold what they practice. There are some that may be just scholars and only understand things from a textual context whereas others have lived what they practice. Just like any other medicine, we must trust our intuition above all, if it doesn’t feel like a good fit then it isn’t. There are many healers just as there are many doctors, be wise and intelligent in choosing the right one.

Understand that in the end all of the work still ends up in our own hands, healers merely hold the container for healing to happen. We are ultimately responsible for our own well being, putting our wellness in others’ hands is reckless and irresponsible. Healing is challenging yet it is the best medicine we can bring to the world.


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