Make the unconscious conscious


I heard this phrase quite often, yet, I didn’t grasp its meaning at the time. It wasn’t until one year later that I fully understood what it meant, and that year was intense, I had to bring out of the darkness something that, although I remembered, I was not fully aware of its power over me. Today, as I continue my journey towards healing, I unearth wounds from the past, again, things I remember but not fully aware of their grip on me much less of the pain that is still holding me back. To say that it’s been painful to heal is a huge understatement; it’s like having your bleeding heart split open while fully conscious of it.

It makes me sympathize with those who are addicted to substances, their pain must be so great that they have to numb themselves to even exist, and yet I know that is not the path to healing. Gentle, we must be gentle as we heal and release old wounding and programming. It’s the way of nature, slowly, patiently, and gently.

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