Heaven is here


Have you ever saught something only to realize that it was right there all along staring you in the face? Sometimes what we seek outside ourselves is what we are seeking inside, as within as without. If we learn to see things anew, to transform our perspective, we can see that we have held the answer to many of our problems long ago, that it is our own spiritual ignorance that has caused our external circumstances.

Heaven is not a place in the sky, it is the palace within the bosom of our heart, we must only learn to unlearn all that we have been programmed with here on earth in order to uncover its eternal beauty.

2 thoughts on “Heaven is here

  1. Nice thoughts and I agree. However, I also see it as “in the sky.” Therefore it is a peace/hope that lasts eternally. We certainly can have some control over the “heaven” in our hearts. Looking to the positive always helps.

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