What does it serve?


In all matters of life, we must ask ourselves whether what we are engaged in is in balance, whether it is serving us or taking life away from us. I decided to take a break from facebook recently, I realized that what I was seeking wasn’t there, though it is a good socializing platform, it wasn’t what I needed, not right now at least. I found myself mindlessly just scrolling through comments, and posts and nothing there fulfilled my deeper need for genuine connection.

It has been a challenge in my life to share my feelings with others for many reasons, I think part of the reason is generational trauma. The majority of the women in my family, including ancestors, have lived countless traumas of all sorts-if you are of the sensitive nature or are woman, I believe you understand what that means, the statistics don’t lie. I find myself breaking free from many of the limitations that I grew up with, limitations from family, and yet as I break free from some, I find others hidden behind those layers.

I have a better relationship with myself today than I did ten years ago, because of this, and many other reasons, I remain positive on my path to healing.


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