Health for spirituality


I was at an event yesterday and started chatting with the woman next to me, I found a couple of similarities with her, the most important one being that neither of us is on any kind of medication. She was at least in her 50’s and mentioned that one of the first questions they ask her at the doctor’s office is what kind of medication she is taking, and I laughed because I remembered that question too. Neither of us goes to the doctor unless we have to, we don’t prescribe to western medicine thus don’t take any sort of medication.

When I tell the doctor that I don’t take medication I see the puzzled look on their face as if I’m supposed to be on some kind of medicine to be alive. Well, I am, I medicate on yoga, meditation, nature, healthy eating (within reason) and as much fun and adventure as I can get into. I shake my head at the idea of how the medical industry is no longer a service but rather a business. It is no wonder why we are so disconnected from ourselves, I do, however, see the balance in everything. There are those who use western medicine properly and help them thrive, however, the majority uses it to numb the pain rather than treat the pain, often time missing the root of the problem.

I remember reading a line in a book called, ‘Conversations with God,’ in which the author speaks to God and says that He created our body to last much longer than what is currently expected. He also mentioned that it’s because we are no longer eating nutritious real food. I can totally agree with that statement, I had no idea how healthy of a diet I had until I started living with other people and seeing how they eat, some people only eat fast food all day- there is very little to no nutritional value in that, just empty calories.
In order to elevate ourselves spiritually, we must have a high-frequency diet because it’s all energy. The input equals the output. We are connected to our bodies, if we don’t feel well in our body our spirit feels it. I know it’s a challenge because I too sometimes fall for things like cookies and fries, but all in moderation. We can step into healthier eating one step at a time.

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