A memory of sovereignty


I have memories of what it is to have civil conversations with people that don’t involve yelling, insulting, or degrading another. Where we can speak with truth from our hearts. These days I see many egos, people trying to be right, judging, criticizing. How are we to become better people when we are still using old forms of thought? Forms that have been proven to not work.

I see the work that must be done to transform our reality and it’s a challenge because the truth is a threat to the lies of society, one which many would rather bury underground than have to hear it. But once truth can flourish, so can we, there’s no other way. Truth is love, yet many are not ready for it because of its immense power-it is too intense for those whose souls are dense from the darkness of lies.

I take it one day at a time, doing the best I can to plant love and kindness wherever I can.



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