It’s perfect


An old lesson I learned a few years ago is coming back to visit me; it’s accepting every situation as perfect. It is true, there is a lesson in our most challenging days, the problem is that being in the middle of that discomfort can sometimes cloud our thinking, especially if we still haven’t learned to act from a centered place of love. We also have to learn to yield and not resist, be humble like the blade of grass because truly, we are just made of stardust anyway.

Everyone has a role to play in the drama of life which is why I try not to take things too seriously. I just remind myself of why I’m here and why any of us are here-love, that’s it, love. Without love, none of this madness would make sense, and that gives me peace, I surrender to the One, the creator of all and know that it is all said and done and that by the end of this story, it’s time to say goodbye.


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