Transforming toxicity


We attract what we fear the most, trying to avoid things and running from them does not solve them, I speak from experience when I say this. I remember, many years ago, one of my fears was becoming like my mother and much to my chagrin I soon found myself in a relationship that mirrored hers and my fathers. Thankfully, I snapped out of it in time to save myself, got out of that relationship, and started on my healing path.

I will re-state what a friend mentioned to me not long ago, and that is that whatever situation/person we have not healed from will appear again over and over until we have solved that situation. It may not be the same place or the same people, they may take different shapes and different forms but the lesson will remain there until it is learned. For those of us who are stubborn, it will keep slapping us across the face until we are ready to take responsibility for our lives and own it.

Running away is not always the answer to problems, and sometimes it is as in abusive relationships. We must learn to transmute the energy into power, do as the fire does and transform things, be who we wish to see in the world, be love, a shining example of love. I know this is not the easiest thing to do in the world, especially since many of us lack respectable role models, but at the very least we should try.

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