Determination and focus

When I embarked on a two week road trip across California to South Dakota, I was scared, I hadn’t ever done such a long distance trip like that before. More than just scared, I was also determined and focused, in other words, I was willing to do whatever it took to get to my destination.
It is this kind of focus that has allowed me to push through my daily struggles and keep a light heart amidst adversity as I create my career as a writer. Quite often I see others get distracted by petty things as they work to get through to their goals, they lack the faith and self-confidence to finish what they started.
The simple act of taking action is what has opened doors for me. With every step that I have taken in the direction of achieving my dreams I have also seen signs from the universe cheering me on. Alas, the work that I do is in honor of the One, the creator. I remind myself that my whole purpose of being here is to fulfill that contract and that once my time on earth is done, that’s it. So I do my best at any given moment to make the best of my time on this journey.

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