Taking the masks off


Putting down our masks and showing our humanity is a humbling experience. It’s a form of bearing our soul and opening our heart, saying ‘I’m sorry, I made a mistake’ and taking responsibility for anything we may or may not have done whether consciously or unconsciously to cause harm. It’s not always easy being human, our form of communication isn’t perfect, that’s why it is best for our well being and all our relations to learn to love, forgive, tolerate, and be patient. I know it’s a tall order, especially considering the society we currently live in in America where it’s go go go, these qualities require one to really pause, reset and surrender.

This is just one reason why I feel it is important to integrate some form of softness into our lives, whether it is a walk in nature, hiking, yoga, etc. Getting too caught up in adult living can wear us down and cause us to forget the simple pleasures of life, the whole meaning of life. Laughter is also good medicine, it helps bring back our inner-child and remind us of the joy of living.

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