Human love


The trouble with human love is that we have been taught to possess rather than to let go, this is especially the case with romantic love. The minute we find someone we are attracted to we want to put a label on it like husband, wife, etc, basically anything that says, ‘mine.’ True love, however, is free, there is no ego, and therefore, there is no need to possess or to own.

Love, free from unhealthy attachment, is also free from drama and the unnecessary suffering that toxic relationships go through. It takes commitment to develop healthy relationships, however, it all starts with the relationship that an individual has with themselves. Once self-love is established, that sets the precedent for all other relationships, this is not to say that there won’t be some ups and downs along the way, granted that communication is not always linear, but at least one will be centered, ready, and fully able to handle all relations.

One of the best things about self-love is that once it’s attained, there’s nothing that can take it away.

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