Every stage of life is acceptable


We do not look down upon a child for being in the ‘childhood’ stage, so why is it that we-as a society-look down upon others who are going through life’s challenges? There are many cycles in life, as is evident in the seasons, naturally, as sentient beings, we too go through cycles. Some of us are better built to endure some of these seasons while others are not. Yet we are all made by the One and as such are all equal, therefore our duty is not to look down upon our fallen brothers and sisters but rather, to help them through the storms of life.

Resistance to any stage of life only creates more of it, the more we resist the more pain we bring into life. We must learn to surrender to the process and flow with it, as challenging as it may sometimes be, surrender is what allows us to move onto the next stage as best as possible. Change is a natural occurrence, we must let go just as the trees release their leaves in the Fall. In the end, we eventually hand over this thing called a body and move into a different state of being.

It is ok to be human, it doesn’t have to look perfect, we just need to be, let go and let the universe/creator/god/goddess take over.

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