Reflections on freedom


It is easier to play the role of victim, to complain and remain in one’s comfort zone than to take responsibility for one’s own life- that- is just one reason why many remain slaves of the mind, slaves of the past. I reflect, not out of pity nor contempt but out of a fierce love of my brothers and sisters who may not ever experience freedom.

We must really stand up for ourselves and put up a good fight in order to claim freedom, yet it doesn’t have to be done completely alone. There are certain challenges that-in order to receive the full benefits-must be done alone, however, others may be done with someone by our side, someone who is cheering us on, someone who has our best interest at heart. They may not be a perfect human, but so long as their heart is in the right place, that is enough.

The most important part of the process is commitment, an unyielding will to move forward no matter what. It is a process of deep love, one which, once earned, surpasses any previously formed thought of what love was.

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