How do you spend?


How we spend our time is important to evaluate, not only how, but also where and with who we spend it with is important. It is the only thing that we truly have in life. I remember chatting with an acquaintance once and he mentioned that it was his birthday, I wished him a happy birthday and he shared that he didn’t like birthdays. You see, to him, it was the marking of another day closer to death. This man was from Africa with a nice accent and really good dance moves, it was always a pleasure to dance with him. After being acquainted with him for a while I truly grasped the meaning of his statement, he enjoyed life and he lived it to the fullest.

And with the flip of the coin, there are people who curse the day of their birth and wish they were dead, life is like that, it has its darks and lights. Having been a suicidal person I understand what it’s like to live with pain and desiring death over life. Yet being present in a new life I can also say that people only wish their death because they are experiencing pain, no one who is in good mental health desires death, it is just the opposite, they desire a long well-lived life, they set goals and have dreams they wish to achieve.

Understanding the use of our time allows us to live a happy satisfying life knowing that we have made the best use of it. And at the same time, we must have balance in all things, it seems like a challenge for the modern American family to do, however. This reminds me of a speech where a man placed an empty jar in front and started filling it with small rocks. He said that the small rocks represent the less important things in life and if all we do is fill it with small things then we don’t have time for the important things. I believe this is a good rule of thumb for life. We must prioritize the important things; once the important things are completed then the little things either take care of themselves or fill in the extra spaces. Time is precious, how do you spend it?

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