Master in the mirror


Quite often I see people blindly following others’ advice. It makes logical sense because that is how an authoritarian society is set up. No one questions anything, people follow like zombies, too lazy to use their own mind preferring to be spoon-fed lies rather than using their free will to seek the truth.

At what point do we recall that we have the right to our own thoughts, to think for ourselves and to choose for ourselves. How often do we recall the master in the mirror? It can be a bold statement to do what one chooses rather than follow the crowd, especially considering that humans are social creatures. Yet if we look around at creation, it is immensely diverse, so how is it that we settle for the mediocre monotony of life?

The path to true freedom rests in our ability to independently choose for ourselves, to seek guidance from within, and not fear retaliation. Standing strong in our own truths we no longer need the approval of others because we have our own approval, but most of all we have the approval of our creator. This is taking full responsibility for our lives and creating as our creator would have us create and not as man would have it. Try it, take a chance on you.

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