Facing fear


We can run, but we can’t hide, whatever it is that we fear will eventually come back in other forms to teach us whatever lesson needed to be learned. And sometimes what we feared was actually not as bad as we had imagined. Sometimes our mind can run wild and cause us stress, but if we learn to harness our courage we can overcome many baseless fears.

This is a lesson I have come to learn this past month, I actually benefited from facing my fears straight on rather than running from them, I became stronger by standing my ground. There are situations in my present life that I would rather take the easy route and just run from, but I won’t because I know that by running I set myself up for future pain, so I will just flow with whatever it is that I’m supposed to do or be and deal with it as best as I can. I’ve learned that if it is sent my way it means that I’m prepared for it.

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