Have you gratitude?


Once we arrive at a place of gratitude, the incessant, ‘me, me, me,’ is no longer an issue, our conversation then becomes, how can I serve? What can I give? Being in gratitude is a state of abundance because it fills us with love, and love is abundant. The feeling of being full then allows us to pour onto others with love, from love, and onto others’ hearts.

In abundance our energetic expression is expanded, thus our reach naturally stretches out beyond ourselves to touch others. There is a joy that is expressed by being able to give from our hearts, it comes out naturally like a flowing river, the source of the river comes from the heavens and pours onto those whose hearts are ready to receive- ever-abundant as from the first day it was conceived.

What is it that holds some from giving and others from receiving? It is old programming, thought forms of low vibrations embedded in our minds thus imprinted in our cells. Yet we should not feel like victims, we have been given the free will to choose and begin anew each day. Though we must be strong-willed and determined to break free, and that often requires hard work and discipline. Yet, it can be achieved as demonstrated by great leaders in the world.

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