How do you spend your time?


This is a question that may or may not cross someone’s mind, however, it is of great importance if we are to make the most of our life. Often I see people spending their time over thinking of the past or the future, in the meantime, the present is slipping away from them-dead. But that’s the thing, all we ever have is the present, nothing more, and yet-due to getting stuck in the mind(fear)- we worry unnecessarily. There’s nothing wrong with planning for the future and reflecting on past lessons, the issue arises when we overdo it. So how do we get unstuck?

A meditation practice is good, it helps slow down the incessant thinking that occurs in our minds. Dancing is a better alternative for others because it helps us get into our bodies and in the present moment. I have managed to bring my mind back to the present whenever I catch it running off, kind of like wild horses haha.

The important part is that we live our life, that we truly enjoy and engage in it, and that we don’t let it take us prisoner like victims. We must come back again and again to a space of, ‘now,’ until we learn to surrender and have faith, and in this, we gain many skills among them-self-confidence. Let’s take our power back!

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