Feeling alive


I wonder how many people have actually experienced living on the edge, not knowing what was next, day by day, simply living by faith. This kind of living does something to a person, it-like anything else-can make you or break you. I have learned how to take it to the next level and feel very much alive in the unknown. The monotony of life brings me down, I feel dead in routine, I feel more alive in the ever-changing present.

I enjoy flowing with the wind, letting it take me to my next step, the next journey, learning to embrace the ups and downs knowing that I am in the heart of the eternal One. Simply surrendering and trusting. It wasn’t always like this though, I used to be very afraid of not having the ‘things,’ that would make me feel secure like a job, money, etc. now I feel free without them. I no longer focus on them because I have bigger goals, goals that I am willing to work for tirelessly.

I no longer wish to return to the typical 9-5 type of jobs that I used to hold, they depress me and I’d rather die than to go back to living that kind of life, lifeless life. My values have changed and I did all of this one step at a time, slowly letting go and stepping into a different version of me, a different version of life, and I feel more alive than ever. Just learn to let go.


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