Leave your comfort zone

Lake Irene

I learned to take more action while I was in nature. Taking action and not stopping to think so much led to taking risks-well calculated risks, of course. The ceasing of so many unnecessary thoughts allowed me to flow more with the universe. It was like a living meditation where the thoughts are no longer a hindrance and I am at peace. Being present, just being present.

Taking risks was also part of me believing, not only in myself but also in the universe, having faith that whatever would be would be and that I would be ok no matter what. I basically left my comfort zone several times during my two-week trip. It was scary at times, yes, but I wasn’t ever in any real danger. In fact, sometimes the greatest danger was in my mind with thoughts of all the, ‘what ifs,’ instead of believing in all the, ‘what is.’

What is real? The only thing that is real is now, nothing else. As the saying goes, tomorrow is not promised, so go ahead and take a chance on love, take a chance on life. God/Goddess/universe is good.


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