Time spent in nature


I spent the first two weeks of this month off the grid; it is something which I highly recommend. It doesn’t have to be two weeks necessarily; however, any time away in nature without electronics, with oneself is refreshing. Several things occurred during this time, I learned how to be more present and my internal clock aligned with the external clock. I started to naturally awaken at sunrise and rest shortly after sunset. I also got to witness wild animals in their natural habitat, they have more personality than what is credited to them ha-ha.

I discovered an amazing campsite not too far from where I currently live that has coin-operated showers and a small dining restaurant nearby. Camping across America solo allowed me the space to grow into self-reliance which in turn turned into self-confidence.
Being witness to the beauty around me made me wonder why on earth people would destroy it. The answer is simple yet complex-disconnection. Disconnection from nature is in essence, disconnection from oneself. It is like the ‘Lion King’ song that talks about the circle of life, we eat the fruits and vegetables that come from the earth to which we eventually end up in, from dust to dust. For those that believe in rebirth, it is known that some souls incarnate as animals before moving up the chain to human life.

Regardless of one’s spiritual beliefs, it is of great importance to take care of the planet that houses us; any little thing disrupted in the environment creates a chain reaction. This reminds me of the movie, ‘Benjamin Button,’ in which a chain of events occurred affecting one of the characters. We cannot pretend that what one person does does not affect the other, that is false; we must all do our part to take care of the planet, one step at a time starting with oneself, the health of our environment is in our hands.


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