Open letter to the LGBTQ community


Dear relatives,

On behalf of all humanity, the universe, etc., I extend an apology for anything we may have said and/or done whether consciously or unconsciously that may have harmed you in any way shape or form. I apologize if in any way shape or form you feel the need to label yourself one way or another on something as intimate as your sexuality. It is in my humble opinion that it is nobody’s business what you do in your own bedroom; it is especially no one’s business whether you choose a masculine/feminine/neutral identity. You are human, THAT, is enough.

Being human has its own challenges let alone having to choose a sexual preference because the rest of society is too stuck in their heads to have simple compassion for another soul.

Be YOU, that is all. No excuses, no apologies.

Love, hugs, and blessings from my soul to yours.


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