3 ways to reach your goals


1. Know yourself- be realistic with what you know you are willing to commit to and not commit to. If you already know that doing ‘X,’ thing is going to be ‘too much,’ then commit to a smaller task to get there. If you know that you have tendencies to not do something because of ‘X,’ reason, then put a backup in place where you are forced into doing what you need to do.
2. Self discipline- this means being your own parent, and if it’s available to you-find an accountability partner. You are the only one that is holding yourself back from achieving what you desire. Allow yourself to feel that bliss, to achieve that dream. Everything will work out in the long run.
3. Patience- you may not see the results immediately, but that doesn’t mean that you should quit. No, have faith in the long term effects of the work you are putting in now. Great paintings are not created overnight, they take time, your dreams are the same- they take time.

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