Dear Jack


I recently looked into my spam folder and found an email from someone named ‘Jack,’ he was looking for a relationship in which he would feel loved. At first this kind of surprised me, but then I started thinking of what I would say if I were to reply (which I wouldn’t), the following is what I would say:

Dear Jack,

I hope this letter finds you well, I am flattered by your request, however I do not have what you are seeking. You see, I believe that what you are seeking you must create within your own heart, once you create a loving relationship with yourself you will feel loved at all times regardless of where or with whom you may be. The relationship that you create with yourself is the greatest gift that you can have because no matter the external circumstances, you will always be behind every decision you make-a best friend right at your side, and nothing and no one can ever take this away from you because you have harvested within the safe of your heart.

I wish you much love and peace on this journey towards true love-your love.


Maria Velazco

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