Don’t blame the universe


I believe in god and the universe’s powers to assist one in the endeavors we seek out, however I don’t believe in suffering with the excuse that god will take care of it all. That-I believe is irresponsible-the creator has put is on earth with the ability to take care of ourselves -to a certain extent of course, certain circumstances need to be lived- thus we have the responsibility to take action and do what needs to be done-and then-let go and let the universe take over. If you know something is not good for you and you keep doing it anyway, that’s not god’s work, that’s your foolishness. The universe give us the tools to help us out, however it requires one’s own will to use them accordingly. This is part of the dance of love, as we use our own will and energy, we then create the light within us that strengthens us for life’s adversities. Pray, have faith, but above all-get up and do something!

2 thoughts on “Don’t blame the universe

  1. Powerful words, I think a lot of times people like to think that we must sit and suffer because we think that it is god’s, I have talked with people who have told me that if something happened then it is the will of god and that we should not interfere or intervene in it. My question to them is do you think that god, who is so great would want us to suffer or do you think that he would want us to do something about our situation with the wisdom and the power that we ourselves have, just some thoughts

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    1. Sometimes people lack logic and call it faith-not the same. It reminds me of a prayer that goes something like- god give me the power to change the things i can and accept the things i cannot and the wisdom to know the difference.

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