Wonder-full Wednesday


This is the last Wednesday of the year, I have much to be grateful for, I-just like many other people this year-struggled amidst the dark. But I am blessed, I know in my heart, and the signs from the universe also point-that this marks the end of a 3-year cycle for me. I spent 2014 trying to understand why I had gone down so fast and so fiercely, 2015 was a little kinder to me-yet in my heart I was not fully there, and this year…well it started out quite brutally and kicked me in the butt one last time before it gave me my certificate of graduating from fear to love. Love was the one healing agent in all of this-and the greatest love-the love of myself.

Though I am not done in my journey toward a more wholesome self, I know I overcame a large obstacle, I know that what comes next is beautiful. I survived a storm, so now I look forward to my rainbows and sharing them all with you.

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