Let love speak


“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”-Martin Luther King Jr.

I went to go speak to the man whose actions affected me due to a problem he has, I went in hopes that perhaps I could come to some kind of peaceful closure with him-but I was wrong. I saw what the ego does to people, I experienced what anger does, in all of this I feel that love was the greatest victim. When fear reigns, love loses, when there is separation and pain, love loses. The biggest victim in this world is love, who is fighting for love? Who is letting their guard down and their heart reign for the good of all? Who is standing up for the truth? Who is standing up for the light?

In order to live in a grand world we must first align with our hearts, be true to ourselves, and honor our word. To believe in something and to be it requires courage-this is something that I am practicing and learning to embrace everyday as I walk my path. Do you know what love is? It is that courage and compassion within your very being that says ‘yes,’ when you would rather say ‘no.’ It is remembering that we are all brothers and sisters on the same road and although we may err, punishment is not needed in order to move forward-but honesty and forgiveness is. It is when you open your heart even when all odds are against you-because that is when it matters.

It is easy to love the person who always brings cheer and joy into your life, but what about the man/woman whose ego denies them all possibilities of love and thus act out of ignorance and fear? We may only have compassion for them and pray that the creator of all will have mercy upon them that they may see the light. Because as the writings go, ‘Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.’ Let us not pollute our hearts any longer and allow love to reign true.

Now is the time for love.

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