Wonder-full Wednesday


I found myself kind of chuckling at the fact that I had to find something wonderful to write about considering the traumatic incident I’ve had to overcome the past few days. It’s been heavy for me, but the more I meditate on the event the more nectar I am able to extract from all of it-and that is something I am grateful for. Through it all I got to see what kind of friends I have, I got to see how they react, who stayed silent and who reached out-that all means something to me.

If you ever want to really get to know someone watch how they react when they are confronted with the truth. I stand firm with the fact that we must honor our heart above all things on earth, the more in tune we are with our heart the more we flow with our creator. There are things that occur that the reasoning mind cannot handle and will doubt-however our heart will never abandon us-it will always show us the truth. And this is what is wonderful, that in spite of all the darkness- love still exists-and it is for love that I continue this battle,that is my honor.

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