Break free of fear


“Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay. Right now, today, we are still alive, and our bodies are working marvelously. Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky. Our ears can still hear the voices of our loved ones.”-Thich Nhat Hanh

What reigns in your life? Is it love or is it fear? Do you allow fear to get the best of you, or do you allow fear to bring out the best in you? Do you flow in love or block it out?

The answers to these questions will allow you to better assess what your relationship to your highest self is. Your creator/God/universe/etc will always want the best for you; it is however, up to you to allow it. Often times we are so stuck in our old ways that when this flow of love comes in we block it, we stop change from molding us into a better version of who we can become. We panic at the thought of breaking out of the old patterns, all this struggle just keeps us in a space of comfort, afraid of the unknown.

Be honest with yourself and your life, you are responsible for it, no one else. We have been given all the necessary tools to become that which we seek, and all of it lies in love. Allow love in and watch it transform you, embrace you, love you-it is you-so just let it be.

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