Wonder-full Wednesday


I organized my first full moon gathering last week, it was a good turnout. My intention was to unite women so that we may learn from one another, embrace our femininity, and connection to the moon. I was able to share some insight that I’ve learned the past couple of months through monitoring my inner moon with the external moon. I felt that the time to do it was perfect, the girls and I were able to burn things into the fire that we did want to take with us into the next phase of the moon, new friendships were made and I got to dip my foot into a leadership role. It felt really good to move forward and do something that would contribute to women uniting together and embracing our femininity.

I’m grateful that I’ve learned to not allow my mind to get the best of me and scare me out of doing something for the greater good. There were thoughts of, ‘omg, what am I going to share?’ and still I wonder what I will talk about for the next meeting, but I won’t let that stop me from organizing it, I remember-sometimes all you have to do is show up and the rest will take care of itself- granted that I prepare as best as I can.

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