Surviving a dysfunctional family


We have a choice in life, we can use our life experiences as a springboard to elevate our soul or we can let it bring us down. This is our choice, our choice is our power, our choice is our voice.

I was born into dysfunctional family, being alive was not easy in that environment, but I survived. I now have my present and in this present I am aware that although the circumstances of my life were challenging, it was an opportunity to come into existence on earth to carry out my dream. As I heal from my childhood experiences I can come into my true being and thus harness the gifts which my creator has provided me so that I may serve humanity.

Love has an ability to heal unlike any other, through love I can see through the darkness of my past and understand the beauty of it all. Love gives me the courage to carry out my duty on earth and have faith in my abilities to do so. Love is what keeps me grounded amongst all the madness, and love is what moves me at the end of the day. Love can transform anything back into its original state of beauty. Every time we deviate from love, we feel illness, darkness.

Remember who you are and love, love yourself back to stillness, love yourself back to health, love yourself back to peace, and just love.

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