Making heart based decisions


What would the world look like if we did things from our heart center? Imagine that, heart-centered action, a life that flows-unrestricted. No need for tug of war or struggle, sounds out of this world but it is possible. There are people that are actually living this kind of life. It is our divine birthright to live in love, the problem is that we have deviated from our heart center into fear-based action.

Once we learn to center our actions in love, we realign with our divinity. What is this divinity? It is complete, whole, and abundant-it is love. I challenge you to try it out for a day, make decisions based on your heart center. Close your eyes; ask yourself a question and feel, feel your answer, does it make you feel happy? Does it make you feel good? If so, you have found your answer.

I know there are people who have a difficult time feeling into their heart center due to past trauma or what not, I understand, for you I would suggest connecting with nature. Spending time outdoors may help open your heart into its subtle energies. Meditate-meditation helps silence the noise in your mind and connect to your higher self, there are several forms of meditation, if one doesn’t work try another, there is something for everyone. Here’s an article on following your heart.

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