Wonder-full Wednesday


It takes some courage to follow the path of your highest calling, it’s not easy, it’s full of doubts and challenges among many other factors. But to the person who has found their calling-they know that they must follow their heart or risk living a life of what ifs. To follow your true calling is to say thank you for the life that you have been gifted and to become a gift unto humanity.

I have found my calling, and although I have found something I have long been searching for, I never would have guessed that I would feel so resistant to it.  I just graduated from a shamanic practitioner course, and have decided to put one foot in front of another and follow through on my path. It scares me to the bone, but im not going to allow my fear get the best of me.

To those who came before me, I am grateful for, thank you for honoring your heart and your path.

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