A follow up

4-20 (22)

“My self healing lies in praying for those who have harmed me.”-Marianne Williamson

It’s been a while since I talked about my life since coming out and telling the world that I too am one of the many women who was molested as a young girl. What surprised me the most- and still does- is how quote, unquote, ‘normal’ this experience is for women, I shake my head just thinking about it. It doesn’t make sense to me, how has society come to accept this as ok? How is it that many women still remain silent? And why aren’t there more open conversations on the topic? Especially since this is- again-‘normal.’

When I talked to my mother about the subject she was very nonchalant about it, which didn’t make sense to me. How is this ok?  How is such behavior from men accepted? And why are we as women berated for merely showing off our arms in a sleeveless top when there are worse offenses coming from men? Men, no offense, I am not attacking you as a whole but my point remains the same -if you see something wrong, say something!

What gets me is that these things are still happening now to young girls, kids! The most innocent part of our world is being hurt! We cannot allow this to go on, we must find the courage to speak up and say something!

I feel fortunate that I came out alive, that I did not kill myself for harboring this secret for so long, but I am not alone. There are numerous people that still hide in shame from such an experience and I think this needs to change, we need to put a difference face on this subject and be able to heal in a more open way.

I continue to heal from this trauma in my life, the process is slow but I took the biggest step already-releasing the truth.

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