“What do you do when life blindfolds you and spins you around? We think it’s our fault, that we’re to blame, when really we should be focused on being gentle with ourselves. “-Melody Beattie

Although ‘gentle’ is not a new word in the dictionary nor in my vocabulary, it is very new in how I’ve discovered I could apply it-me. I’ve never used this word with myself. As I sat during a sound healing ceremony held by a shaman he uttered these words which caught my attention ‘be gentle with yourself,’ I was like ‘what!, wow’ I never thought of ever being gentle with myself-it’s as if someone introduced a new flavor of ice cream to me.

I was cleaning out my private messages on Facebook last night and I stumble upon a message from a friend who tells me that I’m too hard on myself. The thing is that I just do me, I don’t label the things I do-I just do them, and to me that’s normal. However I can see what my friend was telling me, especially considering that I’m a recovering perfectionist.

I can be rather militant at times, yet I remind myself to be more flexible. I learned what I learned at a young age, my father made my siblings and I go to school no matter what-he didn’t care if we were sick-we had to go to school. Needless to say- this led to perfect attendance awards well after high school. And I suppose there was this part of me that felt the need to be accepted by him so I would try hard to be accepted-which translates as ‘be the best.’

Does this sound like something familiar to you? If so, this is for you 🙂 be gentle with yourself.

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