Share your gifts


“What an artist is trying to do for people is bring them closer to something, because of course art is about sharing. You wouldn’t be an artist unless you wanted to share an experience, a thought.”-David Hockney

We all have gifts that God/Allah/Krishna/etc has endowed us with, the question is-are we using them? And if so how? Are we using these sacred gifts for self gratification? Or are we blessing humanity with these gifts? And what happens to these gifts if we don’t use them or misuse them? In my life, I’ve found that whenever I don’t use my creative gifts they tend to wane, they become less sharp and almost disappear into the back of my memory. These gifts are meant to be used, but most of all shared with our brothers and sisters. I’ve noticed that the more I allow my gifts to flow the more abundant I become with them and also become more experienced at using my art.

Imagine that a Beethoven lives within you, what would the world be without such a gift shared amongst the masses? One way or another the gifts that lie within our being are a form of balsam for another person. I remember having a rather stressful day and then sitting back and listening to some easy tunes by an artist who I had the pleasure of meeting, his melodies helped soothe the madness that was going on in my mind. But it required him to put in endless hours into perfecting his gift and having the courage to follow his dream through and share it.

Whatever gift you withhold from yourself you are also withholding from humanity, we are the blessings the creator has sent, we are the answers to someone’s prayer, perhaps you can be the next inventor of an apparatus that can help the elderly lead better lives. Trust yourself, trust your gift, there are no mistakes. Let it go, let it flow.

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