When illness strikes…

bed rest

“The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years.”-Deepak Chopra

When illness knocks on your door do you rise to the occasion to defeat illusion or do you fall and play the powerless victim? It is during times of trial that we must remember who we are and the power within our being to overcome challenges. We must remember the power of thought-mind over body-and the ability we have to heal ourselves. A lot of illnesses come from our emotions, when we become aware of the pain that we have been holding on for so long and release it, the body will be restored to its natural state of homeostasis (relaxation). True there are diseases which are more challenging to heal but that does not mean that one cannot choose how to face them.

Cursing at a disease is like cursing at oneself, the disease only presents itself to make us aware that something is out of balance-it’s the body’s natural reaction. When we get to know ourselves and the power within our body and mind we will see how miraculous life truly is. We only play the victim when we don’t see the power we hold over ourselves, it is such a powerless state of being.

It’s easy to forget that life is a cycle, we are born and we die, it’s all a matter of how and when we depart the earth. We are souls on a temporary assignment on earth; once our job is done we move on, the soul does not die, we just leave the body.

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