“And the things that we fear are a weapon to be held against us.”-Ian Rush

Have the recent shootings across America made you concerned for your well being and that of your loved ones? Has it made you look at your surroundings and think twice? Good, do you know what that feeling is? It’s called fear, and it is exactly what the powers that control you want you to feel. It is through fear that the masses are controlled. People have a tendency to lose all logic when they are in a state of fear and end up making fear based decisions rather than empowered decisions.

During challenging times it is especially important to root oneself in God/universe/creator/Bob, whatever you may call that higher power, we must have faith and remember that all is a temporary illusion and that in time we will all go ‘home’. We must unite in love, not fear, we must remember our true selves, our formless selves. Through unity we create a community that can face any hardship that may come, in unity we are strong, through fear we are weak. Let your light shine through.

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