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“I do not believe in excuses. I believe in hard work as the prime solvent of life’s problems. “-James Cash Penney

I’ve experienced growth and challenges through the people that are closest to home-family. Through our past we can then see the paper trail, so to speak, of where a lot of our present day habits come from.

I was sitting and chatting with my father-who I’ve had a rocky relationship with-and I came to realize where my excuse making habit came from-him! It was surprising to see it from the outside, it sounds horrible! Ha! But then I was also able to see how to reverse this habit- find solutions, not excuses.

Some of the solutions to life are easier than what the mind would have you believe. It just takes getting out of the comfort zone of excuse making and into actual living. When we are stuck in our head too often we forget what is real and what is imaginary, the mind can make all sorts of stories of how something may be, but then when reality presents itself, we may find that it is nothing like what we imagined. Imagination is great if it is used to create dreams, but can be a handicap if it is used to create fairy tales of stories that are untrue.

One thought on “Follow the trail

  1. Thankfully, my beloved foster Mother allowed no excuses. I mean zero! Since I hung onto her apron strings, I wasn’t about to give her any. It helped me to take responsibility for my thoughts, and decisions. I believe it brought authenticity into my life at a very young age, even before I fully understood the meaning of the word. Taking responsibility has made me a much kinder person. I’m also think before I leap. But if I do leap, and haven’t quite hit my personal bulls eye, I get over it a lot quicker because I don’t excuse, I see a lesson, and move to be more responsible the next time. Consequences take a bit out of excuses real quick!

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