Divine intervention


“Stop trying to control your life. It gets in the way of divine intervention.”-Cheryl Richardson

I went to see the hugging saint, Amma, yesterday. I arrived early however I didn’t realize that I needed a token to enter the hall where she was going to speak, when I come to find this out several groups of people had already entered and I was at the end of a very long line. I decided to wait it out and hope that we could enter the hall. To my surprise I then see a friend of mine join the line, I waved hello and greeted him. Shortly after that exchange I then see an old friend I had met at the same event a few years ago, I waved at him and called his name. He then joined me and waited in line with me.

I reflected on this and realized how it was all divinely orchestrated, although I had no intention of waiting in line because I assumed I could enter without a token, it turned out otherwise. Through this slip up of my own it turned out perfectly because it would have been unlikely I would have bumped into these two friends amongst the large group in attendance.

This is just proof of divine intervention, and of the mystery of life and the mastermind behind all creation. Even through what we call ‘accidents’ there is still purpose and meaning, it all happens for a reason. Whether we are aware of it or not is a different story, however it behooves us to tune into our higher selves in order to sail smoothly through the journey of life.

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