Are you making yourself sick?


“Health is not valued till sickness comes.”-Thomas Fuller

I’ve had the following thought come to mind twice this past week as I sat in two different classes; ‘We are hurting ourselves’. Our body is made to respond to our thoughts, our thoughts are energy in motion, whenever we send signals of stress, our body will receive them. If we don’t do something to alleviate the stress then it will keep piling up until a disease becomes present. All of this– from our thoughts- our emotions, we are making ourselves SICK, literally sick. What western medicine does is treat the surface of the problem, it puts it to sleep but it does not go to the root of the problem and heal the dis-ease.

I know this very well because I’ve become aware of my thoughts and how they affect my body, I can literally feel the pain that a certain thought/feeling is causing my body. I also know that if I don’t change my thoughts that my pain will only get worse. I know this, but it’s challenging because I can be stubborn at times and not let my wall down to let love heal the pain. But it comes back to me again; I am responsible for it, no one else. The longer I hold onto whatever thought or pattern that is no longer serving me the more pain that it will cause me. That’s how the story goes sometimes; it takes pain in order to learn the lesson.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! We can learn through love, through acceptance and openness. This path is less painful and more fluid because it’s the path of love, however most people have the tendency to learn the hard way, and it will kick your butt because that’s what it does. Forgiving, accepting, letting go, crying, screaming, but above all love, are ways to heal old wounds that will manifest as disease if we don’t do something about it.

Try this one day, whenever you get upset-for whatever reason-notice where you feel the pain. Then ask yourself if what you got upset for was worth it, was releasing your inner peace worth the pain that you are causing yourself. And grow from this, our body is a network of information, if you pay attention to it it will tell you a story.

One thought on “Are you making yourself sick?

  1. This is so true! And not super easy to not only comprehend, but to fully digest and truly truly listen to these body temples if they already began to scream. But, feeling so blessed to not be dealing with more pain or more challenges and doing yoga helps quite a bit. As does walking barefoot on the grass , staying hydrated, getting enough sleep. Thank you for sharing this, blessings to you.

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