Learning from nature


“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.”-Gerard De Nerval

I went for a hike yesterday, a rather long one. I’ve been to that hiking trail a couple of times with my brother, he would lead. However yesterday I decided to go on my own, just to get away from the city and wander around. Trail after trail I would try to find some kind of landmark that would remind me whether or not I had made the right turn or not, I also used a bit of my instinct. There were moments when I felt lost, where panic would try to set it. I wondered whether I could get myself out of the maze of trails before me. I figured push come to shove I could always call my brother to come find me.

When I came to a fork I didn’t really recognize I used Google maps to see if it could lead me out. Well, after the first turn it led me to a bridge with a warning sign on it, I didn’t like the idea so I headed back to where I made the turn and just followed my instincts to the trail I wanted to take in the first place.

I became hopeful that I was near the end of the trail when I saw another hiker coming down the hill. As I walked further I then saw signs that I was indeed on the right trail, as I continued to walk I then saw a sign for the place I wanted to go, I knew exactly how to get out from there, it wasn’t too far from the end.

I’ve realized that the more I put myself into the unknown the more I am able to fine tune my abilities to connect with my inner guide, my inner knowing. Nature has been such a great teacher to me, there is so much to learn from her, my only hope is that we will not destroy her and that the next generation can still enjoy her beauty.

4 thoughts on “Learning from nature

  1. I loved the photo you used! I’m currently trying to grow my very own fern garden and this is how I dream it will look one day. And your post was a lovely match! Filled with hope from both I shall trust my inner-self more this week! Hugs!

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