Is your fear real?

“Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.”-Bertrand Russell

I saw this video in class last week, I reflected on it and it made me realize how fear is a learned behavior-to a certain extent. It starts from an early age, our parents, society, our peers tell us what to fear or what not to fear.

In a documentary called ‘The World Before Her’ one of the young girls talks about a time in early childhood where she had Muslim friends and she had no problem with it, but then as she grew older she was made aware of the conflict between her Hindu religion and the Muslims. Now she no longer wants to associate with that group because of the fear-based ideas that society/family have given her.

To pose another example; I surprised myself the other day when I went to check out a hiking site, while I was taking a picture of a flower I saw on the ground I looked up and saw a snake. To my surprise I said ‘hello’ to it and just stepped out of its space, it was very beautiful. I didn’t feel fear towards it but rather a child-like wonder at it. Now I ask myself if we are really meant to fear nature or if we are meant to live harmoniously next to one another.

Ask yourself if some of the things that you fear are realistic, and where your fear for such event/person/etc came from. See if you can face some of these fears and discredit them.


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