Keep your peace

Head in Hands

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”- Charles R. Swindoll

I put this quote to the test not long ago. I decided to mail out my tax return to the IRS through priority mail so that I could track it, I’ve had mail get lost in the past which is why I opted for this. I also had to mail in an amendment for the previous year; both letters were addressed to the same location.

I waited a couple of days to track the envelopes, when I looked at the payment stub of one of them it was addressed to MO, I was in shock, it was suppose to go to CA. my mind was agitated, I wasn’t sure what to do, I had mailed out important documents and now they were misdirected and I couldn’t tell which envelope was which-whether I should cancel the check that I mailed out or wait until I could call the IRS to investigate.

I decided to calm down and just play the waiting game, whatever the outcome I knew I could handle it and do my best to fix it. I let the stories go and not let them run my emotions wild and just let it go. I’ve since checked my bank account and was happy to see that the IRS did indeed get my tax return. I was also content that I didn’t allow my mind to run wild and just let it go instead of stressing out over it; I would have been wasting my precious time worrying instead of enjoying.

Sometimes you must be aware of how quickly your mind starts making up stories and make a conscious decision to take a minute and breathe, release the need to know and let go, live in the now. Once you find your peace it is like a precious jewel that you wouldn’t trade for mere cents, you guard it carefully and keep it polished, you say no to the drama and to the stories and say ‘yes’ to inner peace.

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