Wonder-Full Wednesday


Growth is wonderful, it is a sign of life, a sign of maturity, a sign of love. It is amazing what you can accomplish in a year. A year ago today I decided to sign myself up for Toastmasters, it’s a non-profit that helps you improve your speaking skills. Public speaking, or actually speaking up in general, has been one of my challenges in life, which is why I decided that I needed to do this. I decided that it was time that I get over my fear and learn how to speak more confidently.

I feel that sometimes you must act out of your best interest and put yourself out there in order to grow. Growing may not be the easiest, nor most comfortable thing to do, however it is through growth that we are able to know our abilities, and power. Through growth we are able to exercise the inherit powers that we are given at birth and truly know what we are capable of.

What are you doing to grow? What steps are you taking for a better tomorrow? All it takes is one step, one step at a time, just show up to your life, it’s waiting for you.

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