“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”-Buddha

I am learning what self-love is, what it means to walk with confidence and speak with courage. As I go on my journey I observe the world around me and notice that I am not the only one who forgets who they are and where they come from.

We are great beings of light, liberty rests in our souls, silence speaks through our thoughts and magic is what comes from our words. Why do we act as slaves in a world where everything is temporary, time is borrowed, and the only thing that is true is invisible? How is it that we sacrifice our values, our worth, in exchange for a piece of paper? A title? This thing called power? Love? Why do we act as though all honorable values exist outside ourselves? Were we not created complete and perfect unto the eye of the creator? Where did this need for more, more, more come from? Aren’t we ourselves enough? Isn’t the light of love abundant?

True power which lies within each living being, one which does not require an individual to sacrifice their values, honor, and respect. Let us not act as slaves but as honorable women and men of light, speakers of truth and representatives of the almighty.

Women! This one is for you, why on earth do we feel the need to prostitute our hearts for miserly crumbs of love from our partners? You are one of the most amazing miracles to happen to earth, act like it! If you don’t feel love for yourself then you are just a slave in a man’s world, you are worth more than that, please believe it. All the love in the world is within you, it may take time and hard work for you to peel the layers of pain and hurt, but I tell you, it is there! It is the hidden treasure you’ve been looking for; YOU are the love of your life, no one else, the creator made you perfect.

Do you have a dream? A goal? Then don’t allow any naysayers bring you down, it is important to keep your focus and just keep going. Don’t sacrifice your values on the journey because in the long run they are what will hold you up at the top, trust yourself and do it. Remember, be true to yourself, there is no one like you out there, share your song.

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