How do you feel about it?


How do you feel after eating ‘X’ meal or snack? What if what went in your mouth wasn’t as important as how you felt about it? In general, our body can’t tell the difference between something that is ‘good’ for it or ‘bad’ for it, but what it can understand is the signal that comes from the brain telling it that something is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Usually the thoughts of a woman who is dealing with weight issues are ‘I feel guilty’ or ‘I can’t believe I just ate that.’ The body then responds to those thoughts and creates the energy that is in synchrony with them, which in this case is more weight-emotional weight.

Our thoughts are very powerful; they can make us sick or make us healthy, the choice is ours. If you are going to indulge in something then don’t feel guilty about it, as adults we have responsibility over what we eat, we are no longer under our parents’ supervision. We may perhaps still have that handicap from childhood of what if so and so is watching? Or what will so and so say? If that is the case then again, the food will have nothing to do with weight gain but rather our thoughts.

Emotional healing is an important part of weight loss; it is changing the way we think about something in a negative way to a positive way. Eating shouldn’t be a burden or cause of problem, especially not in the western world where food is abundant, it should be a blessing. Watch your thoughts, not your weight.

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