Like a criminal



I don’t feel any different than a criminal, I know what darkness is, I know what it’s like to wish the world away. I know the fear, I know the anger, I know the pain, I know it, I’ve felt it. I don’t feel any different than a criminal. Because I’ve seen the dark, I have a hard time judging those who took the last step into the dark, I know how thin that line is, the line between choosing what is right and wrong.

Perhaps my deep seated faith in the invisible force some call God has kept me from crossing that line, perhaps because I have felt glimpses of light and perhaps because in spite of all the darkness, I still loved. This may be the only difference between me and a criminal, if I were to come face to face with the man who sexually molested me as a child, I still would not be able to hate him nor wish him death. Perhaps because I know the struggle, I know the darkness, I know the pain, the line of temptation, all of it, it all has a strong pull and very few are able to escape the clutches of the darkness and still come out with love. But I have seen enough, I have lived enough to know that love exists right besides pain and that the only reason why I am still alive is because of hope.

I wish the world healing, it is the only way to bring balance back to this chaos, I desire that we all know what love is and get to experience at least a moment of it, just enough to bring back the souls that have been lost in the darkness, to give them a glimmer of hope-a second chance.

I am no different than a criminal, you and I are one.

The following link is a letter from a death row inmate: Ray L. Jasper

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