Have you ever wondered where some of your self-assessment comes from? What I’m referring to is when you think of yourself as being ‘messy,’ ‘too thin,’ not this, or not that. Labels, where do these labels come from? Are they a condition that you pick up from the society that you live in? Is it something that you heard growing up? Something from a romantic partner perhaps?

Listen to yourself, pause for a second and listen to your self-talk. It could be that you are still experiencing something from the past, something which you did not properly process or heal. It could be that you have moved on from a situation, however, your body, your memory may still carry the vibration from that moment. The vibration then comes out as a word or feeling. Our body has the amazing capacity of keeping score for us, and if we ignore it, it then manifests as illness. People then wonder how they ended up with ‘X’ illness, but due to not being conscious of their energetic body they blame it on external circumstances-the water, the weather, etc.

Take inventory of yourself, illuminate the limiting words that you give yourself and replace them with the true you, the current you, the present you, the you that is healthy and thriving. Illuminate, eliminate, radiate!


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