Wonder-Full Wednesday


Today my silent prayers were answered, I received the messages that I needed to receive. Words of wisdom to help me on my path, words rich enough to fill my heart and light my path. These words came from a man I have never met but whose wisdom reached my heart at a time of need. These words are what I sought to try to heal my thoughts, to make amends with my past.

At the end of the night one last set of words were spoke by a friend at a club I attend, it was an opening thought for the meeting. It was enough, and it was just what I needed to seal the deal, I’ve had enough. Simply put, it is time to put the past to rest to take today as my gift and look forward for a better tomorrow, say thank you to that past and have gratitude for what it taught me, leave it be so that I can be.

It is time that I fight, that I fight for what I have come to do, and that I ask for permission from no man or woman to do what I need to do and have the courage to face whatever demons I need to face to carry out the work that I have come to do, I fight for the light, I am the light.

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